• How To Deal With Woodworm

    Image credit Woodworm presents a common problem in timber-framed houses, roofs and wooden furniture, typically characterized by numerous small holes in the surface. Rather than being a specific species, woodworm actually refers to a broad range of...

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  • How to Deal With Household Mould

    Mould is a common and recurring nuisance in many homes. Although outdoors, it plays a critical natural role in the decomposition of organic matter, you certainly don't want it spreading inside the house. Not only...

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  • Woodworm Identification: 11 Types of Wood Boring Insect That Could Be Eating You Out of House & Home

    We’ve all seen those tiny woodworm holes in the timber beams of old houses, or bored into antique furniture – and we’ve no doubt thought nothing more of it… …Until woodworm start damaging your own home...

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