Timber Preservation & Woodworm Treatment

LHC has been providing woodworm treatment for at-risk properties in London, the Home Counties and Essex for more than thirty years. Effective timber preservation is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of your home or business premises, and should not be left to reach irreparable levels once discovered.

Timber Preservation & Woodworm Treatment, London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Sussex

Timber Preservation & Woodworm Treatment

Used commonly in construction for centuries, wood is affordable, versatile and easy to work with. Unfortunately, it can also be prone to attack from fungi and insects.

If you’ve noticed those tell-tale tiny holes along a piece of wood, with powdery residue along the surface, chances are you have a woodworm problem.

Woodworm is not a species of insect - but rather the grubs or larval stage of a number of wood boring beetles. The beetles lay their eggs just beneath the surface of a piece of wood, and when the eggs hatch the grubs emerge and start eating it.

The powder they leave behind is actually their faeces. It’s the presence of this powder that indicates an infestation is currently active and requires treatment.

In order for the grubs to eat the wood, it needs to contain a certain amount of moisture, so often woodworm is a sign that your home also has a damp problem. If you’re unable to find the source of damp yourself - which could be as simple as some broken guttering - speak to our surveyor and we can investigate for you.

Dealing With The Problem

Treating woodworm involves the use of powerful insecticides, which our technicians are fully trained and qualified to use.

If you have concerns about a potential woodworm infestation in your home, please get in touch now. Delaying assessment and treatment of the situation can lead to further damage to your home. Left unchecked, woodworm is more than a cosmetic issue, and can undermine the structural integrity of your property.

Woodworm treatment, London
Woodworm can be related to damp issues
Woodworm treatment, London
Woodworm treatment involves the use of powerful insecticides