Specialist Damp Proofing Services

We’ve been providing expert damp proofing solutions in London properties for more than three decades. Our team can work on rising damp problems in residential and business premises across the Capital, and also into surrounding counties such as Essex and further afield.

Specialist Damp Proofing Services, London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Sussex

Specialist Damp Proofing Services

Rising damp is simple to find, as it causes an expanding damp patch on the inside of walls. This happens when badly fitted damp proofing (or none at all) allows moisture from the soil outside external walls to seep into the brick or stonework - gradually creeping up the interior of the wall.

As this water evaporates off, it leaves behind a white salt-like substance, which effectively stops the wall from ‘breathing’ by blocking pores in the brick and stonework. This means as more damp crawls up the wall, it becomes sealed on the interior of the building, making it look, feel and smell damp. Not only can this damage brickwork, paint and wallpaper, but can also be bad for your health.

To eliminate damp, we must firstly identify the cause. For example, there may be no damp proof course in place, it may be damaged, or it may be compromised by ‘bridging material’ (such as wet soil in a raised flower bed) carrying moisture to the brickwork above it.

Once we’ve found the source of the problem, we’ll carry out the necessary damp proofing remedial work, which typically involves injecting a damp proof course. Our specialist team are happy to work on new-build or historic residential and commercial properties - plus flats, mansions or semi-detached houses.

How We Work

Damp proof courses (DPC’s) were introduced into the construction industry late in the 19th Century. This means all houses today are built with a waterproof plastic membrane inserted a few inches above ground level to stop moisture climbing up the brickwork. When this fails – or has not been installed properly – it’s very expensive and time-consuming to insert a new one.

That’s why the favoured modern method of damp proofing an established property is with a DPC injection. We’ve been injecting silicone cream directly into the mortar bed of properties for over four years now. It requires only a single injection from one side of the property, and the work is guaranteed for 30 years.

For a quick, professional solution to your damp problem - whatever property type or size - get in touch with our specialists today for an onsite inspection. We’ll determine the source of your rising damp - and send you a report proposing the solution within two days.

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Damp proofing
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