Basement Waterproofing & Cellar Tanking

Damp proofing and tanking the basement of your property can increase the value of your home or business premises. Creating additional space in this way is a good investment, especially in densely populated areas like London & Essex where it can be difficult to upgrade to a larger home or find the space to add an extension.

Basement Waterproofing & Cellar Tanking, London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Sussex

Basement Waterproofing & Cellar Tanking

Do you have an unused basement beneath your home that could be turned into a living room, playroom or even a wine cellar? Perhaps you’ve already decorated the space and found it’s now taking in water?

Any structure below ground level can suffer from lateral penetration of water. Moisture in the surrounding soil and the resultant hydrostatic pressure forces water through any tiny crack or gap in the brickwork. This ingress causes the basement area to become damp - which can cause mould and structural damage – making the area unusable.

London & Home Counties carries out basement waterproofing in properties across the Capital and into Essex, enabling you to protect your home or business premises from damp - while providing extra space without having to move or build an extension.

What Is Basement Tanking?

The materials used to build your property are not naturally waterproof and will let in moisture when in constant direct contact with it. Without cellar tanking, moisture from the surrounding soil will be drawn into the brickwork or concrete, and emerge on the interior of the wall before evaporating.

This causes the walls to feel damp, and the overall humidity levels inside the basement to rise. When we tank the basement of a property we use either a cementitious or cavity membrane system, to create a waterproof barrier that prevents this ingress of water. 

Prevention Measures

Before you call us to arrange a survey, make sure you have eliminated all obvious drainage problems first. 

Keep your gutters clear, and make sure downspouts are discharging directly into a drain or well away from the house. Ideally the ground level should slope away from your property to encourage water to drain away from the basement.

If your basement is still damp after taking these preventative measures, it’s time to call the professionals.

London & Home Counties: The Local Experts

When you employ London & Home Counties you can be confident you’re receiving a quality service from highly qualified experts.

All our surveyors are certified to CSSW standard, a nationally recognised qualification that means our team are trained to diagnose the cause of water entering structures below ground level - and design solutions to deal with it.

And because we don’t sub-contract any work, we always provide expert members of our own team to complete your job.

Damp proofing and tanking of a basement, London
Damp proofing and tanking of a basement
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Basement damp proofing and conversion London and Essex
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